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King Harald Commemorative

Money is an important commodity. This helps us to do what we need to do. Back then, bartering system was used to make transactions. Goods are being exchanged for goods but now, without money, good luck buying things that you want. Money gained value and prominence because people try to save for future needs.

We all hear that money can’t buy everything. But practically speaking, money is the most basic thing that’s used to calculate someone’s status.

Are You the Ruler or being Ruled?

Money’s a good servant but it’s a bad master. You have to be fond of money to the point that you’re capable of controlling it. You should not fall into the negative aspects brought by money. If you’re spending lavishly, like unnecessarily spending it, then sooner or later, you’ll lose your wealth.

All of your commitment and hard work is critical if you wanted to stay in course and have control of your finances.

The Smarter Move

In this world, you can get your hands of all the material things with money. But instead of satisfying yourself with fancy things, better consider investing it. When invested, money can give you the ability of increasing the amount which lets you buy more stuff and enjoy life in luxury.