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Euro Coins

Money itself is worthless. If you’d look at it, it could be a metal coin or a simple piece of paper imprinted with historic landmark or image on it. However, the value that people put on money has got nothing to do with money’s physical value. Money has its value for many different things like:

  • Method of exchange
  • Unit of measurement and;
  • Storehouse for wealth

With money, people are capable of trading services and goods indirectly, creates a way to save for bigger purchases down the road and understand the cost of goods.

And if that didn’t Work…

Without a doubt, money is truly valuable because everyone is well aware that no one would deny it as form of payment. Back then however, there was no money used. It was the “Bartering” system used in making direct trades of goods and services. Thing is, this arrangement is time-consuming.

You have to look for someone who thinks that your goods or service is worth of trading what they have. And if that did not work, then you need to tweak your deal until you find someone who would agree to your terms.

Planting the Seed for Developed Economy

Among the biggest achievements of money was how fast businesses are done. Thus, significantly improving the growth of economy as a whole.