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An Exploration of Money’s Past From Barter to Banknotes

  • Over 9,000 years ago, humanity witnessed the dawn of the concept of money, marking a pivotal shift from basic bartering systems to more sophisticated economic structures. In ancient communities, barter and trade served as the lifeblood of transactions. However, as societies evolved, the need for a standardized medium of exchange became increasingly apparent. Innovations such as the commodity-based clay tokens introduced by pioneering civilizations like the Sumerians laid the groundwork for the eventual emergence of official currency. 

    Today, as we navigate the complexities of modern economies, the allure of precious metals persists. Among these, 14k gold holds a special place, prized for its intrinsic value and timeless appeal. Understanding the 14k gold price is crucial for investors and enthusiasts alike, as it reflects not just the market dynamics but also the broader economic trends shaping our world. Whether as a store of wealth or a symbol of luxury, the allure of 14k gold endures, echoing the enduring legacy of humanity’s earliest forms of currency.

    Lydia and the Introduction of Standardized Currency

    Lydia, located in modern-day Turkey, is credited with creating the first coins some 2,700 years ago. These early coins, made of gold or other precious metals, had irregular shapes but were stamped with values to indicate their worth. This groundbreaking advancement in cash marked a turning point in the history of money by facilitating trade and commerce.

    Paper Money and International Trade

    Carrying coins presented security issues as cross-border trade increased, which created complex economic systems. The world economy was utterly transformed by paper money by the 17th century when it became a competitive alternative to coinage. Western countries adopted printed paper money following China’s lead, accelerating trade and economic growth.

    The Development of Monetary Systems From Fiat Currency to Gold Backed Systems

    The transition from fiat money to currencies backed by gold marked a significant shift in monetary systems. Governments established modern currencies when they began printing banknotes supported by the complete confidence and credit of the organization issuing them. Over time, banknotes have been enhanced with contemporary security features to thwart counterfeiting and preserve monetary stability.

    Security and Innovative Design

    Modern banknotes have sophisticated security features to prevent counterfeiting. Features like sophisticated watermarks, security threads, and color-shifting inks ensure that they are designed to withstand scrutiny. Polymer banknotes, which offer enhanced security and durability and symbolize the continuous evolution of money in the digital age, have been accepted by numerous nations.

    In the Digital Age

    The evolution of money from bartering to intricate banknotes reflects the progress made by human civilization. Alongside technology, money has also become more sophisticated. Centuries of monetary evolution have resulted in modern banknotes with their advanced security features and eco-friendly materials, guaranteeing the longevity of the world’s financial institutions.

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    Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Insights from Experts

  • Cryptocurrency trading has become a dynamic playground where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. Navigating this volatile landscape requires a strategic approach, and who better to guide us than the experts featured in leading financial media outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters? In this exploration of crypto trading apps like Immediate ePrex 360, we’ll delve into the advice and strategies offered by these seasoned professionals, shedding light on both fundamental and technical analysis approaches.

    Unveiling the Wisdom of Trading Titans

    1. Bloomberg’s Market Maven

    Bloomberg, a bastion of financial insight, has showcased experts with a keen eye on the crypto market. One recurring theme among these experts is the emphasis on understanding the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency before diving into trading. Whether it’s grasping the technology behind a coin or analyzing its real-world applications, a solid foundation is crucial.

    • Expert Tip: Before executing any trade, familiarize yourself with the whitepaper of the cryptocurrency. It’s the roadmap that unveils the project’s goals and functionalities.

    2. CNBC’s Technical Trailblazers

    On the technical analysis front, CNBC has brought forth experts who swear by charts, trends, and patterns. For these traders, the historical performance of a cryptocurrency often holds the key to predicting future movements. Learning to read charts and identify market trends becomes a valuable skill in their arsenal.

    • Expert Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of technical indicators. Tools like Moving Averages and Relative Strength Index (RSI) can provide insights into the market sentiment and potential price reversals.

    3. Reuters’ Risk Management Gurus

    Managing risk is a universal mantra among successful traders, as highlighted by experts featured in Reuters. The crypto market’s inherent volatility demands a cautious approach, and these professionals stress the importance of setting realistic goals, diversifying portfolios, and employing stop-loss orders.

    • Expert Tip: Only invest what you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency markets can be unforgiving, and a well-thought-out risk management strategy is your safety net.

    The Intersection of Fundamentals and Technicals

    In the realm of crypto trading apps, the synergy of fundamental and technical analysis is where many experts find their sweet spot. Successful traders often integrate these two approaches, using a comprehensive strategy that combines a deep understanding of a cryptocurrency’s fundamentals with the ability to interpret market charts.

    • Pro Insight: Look for convergence in your analysis. A favorable technical setup accompanied by positive fundamental developments can signal a robust trading opportunity.

    Riding the Crypto Wave with Expert Strategies

    Armed with insights from trading titans, it’s time to put these strategies into action. Crypto trading apps serve as the modern trader’s toolkit, providing real-time data, advanced charting tools, and instant execution capabilities. As you embark on your crypto journey, keep these key takeaways in mind:

    • Continuous Learning: The crypto market is ever-evolving. Stay informed about the latest developments and trends to make informed decisions.
    • Discipline is Key: Stick to your trading plan and resist emotional impulses. Disciplined trading is often the hallmark of successful investors.
    • Adaptability: Markets can be unpredictable. Be ready to adapt your strategies based on changing market conditions.
    • Community Engagement: Joining crypto communities can provide valuable insights and a sense of camaraderie. Learning from others’ experiences can be as enlightening as learning from your own.

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    In conclusion, as you navigate the exciting yet challenging world of cryptocurrency trading, remember that the journey is as important as the destination. With insights from experts and the right mix of fundamental and technical analysis, you’ll be better equipped to ride the crypto wave successfully.

    Exploring the Similarities and Differences Between Banknotes and Payday Loans

  • Money is an essential part of everyday life, and we all use it in different ways. Banknotes and payday loans are two popular financial instruments, but they have some important differences.

    In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between banknotes and payday loans to help you decide which one is right for you.

    Similarities between Banknotes and Payday Loans

    There are many similarities between banknotes and payday loans. Both are meant to be short-term solutions to financial hardships. Both are unsecured loans that do not require collateral. Both are meant to be repaid in a short period of time. Both have high interest rates that make them expensive to use. Both have inherent risks since they are unsecured loans. Both are meant to provide quick access to cash.

    Differences between Banknotes and Payday Loans

    There are several differences between banknotes and payday loans. One important difference is the length of the loan. Banknotes are usually issued over a long period of time, while payday loans are typically only offered over a two- to four-week period.

    Another difference between banknotes and payday loans is the type of borrower each loan is meant for.

    Advantages of Banknotes

    There are many advantages to using banknotes. One important advantage of banknotes is the amount of money available. Banknotes offer access to large amounts of money, which is important for long-term needs.

    Yet another advantage wof banknotes is their safety. Banknotes are protected by a government or a central bank. Banknotes are also easy to access. They are available at any financial institution that issues them. Another advantage of banknotes is their convenience. They can be used in any commercial establishment that accepts them. They can also be used for international transactions.

    Advantages of Payday Loans

    The truth is, there are many advantages to using payday loans. One known advantage of payday loans is the short repayment period it offers. A typical payday loan is repaid in two to four weeks, which is a relatively short period of time.

    Another advantage of payday loans is their short application and approval process. Borrowers can typically get a payday loan approved in less than 24 hours. Another advantage of payday loans is their quick access to cash. Borrowers can often access the money in as little as one day. You just need to make sure to use a reputable payday loans places.

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    Ways To Avoid Losing Money On Forex

  • There are many mistakes traders make when trading forex. However, if these mistakes are avoided, they can earn money in forex trading. In addition, the best forex brokers review can provide important tips on trading forex. Experts can guide beginners so you can do away with common mistakes and lose your money.

    Choose a trading method and perfect it

    Traders who enter the forex market usually want to make money quickly. However, it is advisable that at the beginning of trading they choose a method that will gradually bring them success.

    One such method is price action trading, which has been around for a long time and continues to work as market dynamics change. Traders need to learn to read price on a chart and focus on patterns where there is a high probability of price action repeating itself.

    Learn to trade on longer time frames

    You need to get rid of the misconception that the shorter the time frame, the greater your chances of making a trade and making money. That’s not entirely true because shorter timeframes tend to have more false signals and are harder to make money from. You can choose to trade on longer timeframes.

    best forex brokers review

    Stop looking at charts all day

    If you’ve decided to trade on slightly longer time frames, you don’t need to spend all day looking at the daily charts. This becomes a habit for many traders and causes them to make mistakes such as entering into deals when they shouldn’t, taking positions when they shouldn’t, and quitting when they shouldn’t. Remember that the market needs to move and only check the chart once a day.

    Only trade with money you can afford to lose

    In the forex market, a person who trades money and does so out of fear will make decisions that reflect that sentiment. So remember that the only money that should be risked in the Forex market is the money a trader can afford to lose.

    To this end, many brokers offer mini and micro accounts that allow you to take the risk of trading with just a few dollars and still use proper money management.

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    Towing Company: Money Management Tips

  • To run and stay a business, you need to manage your money more efficiently. You can manage your small business financing yourself or hire a financial professional to work on your behalf.

    If you plan to avoid debt in the future, you need to learn the trick of managing your Towing Company San Jose more efficiently. Therefore, if you plan to set up a money management system, you must learn to keep records of your business. Learn the experts in the industry like San Jose Towing. Find them on the maps –

    Money management tricks for small towing businesses

    You keep a financial record

    You must keep a financial record as it is the first step in managing the finances of your small business.

    These financial records include sales records, payslips, payment slips, bank records, and tax records. Make sure you keep the chronological order as this can help you sort the record.

    You need to categorize the financial data into groups that make sense for your business. Therefore, you can only develop an effective financial management system if you maintain the records strategically.

    towing company san joseUse software to keep financial records

    Be sure to find and install financial record maintenance software on your computer. Instead of using software, you can hire a financial advisor to make the job easier.

    Experienced finance professionals can support your business organization, especially in finance-related matters. The skillful knowledge of the financial experts can help the organization to maintain its financial records and choose the best software.

    Enter the data into the computer

    Make sure you enter the data from your financial file in the correct format. You must save the date appropriately so that you can present it to legal counsel or the account.

    Being systematic can save you time, and methodical work will help you achieve your goal. By following a step-by-step method, you can easily add records for future transactions.

    Allocate separate time for maintaining financial records

    You must set aside a fixed amount of time at the end of the day to keep your company’s financial records. Hence, you can avoid having sorted records on scrap. Hiring a financial professional can help you take good care of your company’s financial records from time to time.

    Keep a constant eye on finances

    Be sure to constantly interact with the financial expert to monitor the financial condition of the company. If you keep your company’s financial records, you need to keep track of the records constantly to avoid crises regarding money in the company.

    Therefore, you must consider the above points if you are planning to manage your business finances yourself.

    How Does Selling NFTs Work?

  • NFT


    Are you curious about how you can sell an NFT? It is important to know what to think about because by selling NFTs you can earn a lot of money and you can make others happy with it. This can also promote crypto. We would like to explain in detail how selling NFTs works, what you should pay attention to, and what it costs you – in addition to the proceeds.

    Since you’ve come across this article, you probably already know what NFT is and that Opensea is one of the existing NFT Marketplaces. As a short recap, we will still provide a short explanation of what Opensea is, after which we dive into the depths in terms of selling NFTs, for example via Opensea, and everything that comes with it.

    How do you sell NFTs?

    To sell an NFT you will first have to own an NFT – sounds logical, right? There are 4 ways (the main ones) how you can get an NFT and below we will discuss them and how this can affect the process of selling your NFT.

    Sell NFT after you’ve monetized it

    What is very popular is mint NFTs. This actually means registering a particular NFT on the Blockchain. Once you have mingled the NFT, it will be placed in your virtual wallet. The NFT will then be visible within your wallet if you open it via the NFT marketplace. There you can then offer the NFT for sale, often.m by setting a sales price or setting up bids.

    Sell NFT after you buy it

    As soon as you buy an NFT through a marketplace, it will automatically appear in your virtual wallet. You can then immediately offer it for sale again via the same marketplace.

    Getting an NFT through an Airdrop and then selling it

    If you receive an NFT via an Airdrop, you will receive it in your virtual wallet. You will be asked to drop the address of your wallet and then receive the Airdrop. Just like with the first cup (NFT mint), you have to connect your wallet to a marketplace and offer your NFT for sale in this way.

    What is an Airdrop? Influencers and project creators often keep a number of NFTs within a particular collection to give away, for example to people who make the project well known (for example, by sharing it on IG). So you can get an NFT for free, which you can then offer for sale. Because of your actions, the project has also become more well-known, which therefore results in a win-win.

    Create your own NFT and sell it

    If you have created one or more NFTs yourself, you must ensure that they are registered on the Blockchain. You can do this yourself or you can let others do it by having them mint. As a result, you lose ownership, so you cannot sell them later for a higher price. On the other hand, you do get a certain value for every NFT of yours that is mingled. That can certainly be interesting if the project turns out to be worth nothing afterward, where you have earned from having the NFT minted.

    If you want to offer the NFT for sale yourself, that is also possible. After you have registered it on the Blockchain, you must also transfer the NFT to your virtual wallet, after which you can offer it on one of the NFT marketplaces.

    Different NFT marketplaces

    If you want to earn money from an NFT, it is best to trade via an NFT marketplace. A well-known way of making money from NFTs is to buy and sell them, or: flip NFTs. We have a large article with everything about NFT Marketplaces, below is a short description to present this article in a logical order.

    There are plenty of different NFT marketplaces: the place where you can trade NFTs. There are a number of large marketplaces, such as Opensea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway (in addition to a number of others) and there are also smaller marketplaces, which often specialize in a certain type of NFTs. So it depends on what kind of NFT you have (purchased) to determine which marketplace belongs to it. If this is unclear to you, it is best to inquire within the Discord community of the NFT that you own.

    Of all NFT marketplaces, Opensea is currently the largest.


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    What is Opensea?

    OpenSea is a decentralized application (dApp) that makes it possible to trade in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is today one of the largest, most used, and oldest platforms to trade in NFTs, or an NFT Marketplace. Opensea is mainly used for buying and selling NFTs. However, you can also create NFTs there, which is quite unique for a marketplace.

    How do you receive money for your NFT?

    As soon as you have offered an NFT for sale on one of the marketplaces, the wait is blown. There are 2 ways you can offer your NFT for sale and so there are two ways how you can buy your NFT. You can offer an NFT at a fixed price or you can go for an auction, where people can bid on your NFT. Of course, you run the risk that the desired price is not offered and you will then have to offer the NFT for sale again.

    What is MetaMask?

    MetaMask is the most widely used virtual wallet. Through this portal, you can use ETH to buy NFTs, for example via Opensea.

    You use MetaMask to buy NFTs. Don’t have Ethereum yet? Then buy this directly via iDeal and easily buy and sell NFTs.

    What does it cost to sell NFTs?

    As soon as you start selling an NFT via Opensea for the first time, it is not free. You have to pay two types of costs before you can offer your NFT for sale. It is good to realize that the amount of these costs are not fixed and if you handle this smartly, it can save you a lot of money.

    The fees are in many cases paid with Ethereum (via e.g. your MetaMask), which you can buy through a cryptocurrency exchange. If you want to easily buy Ethereum with iDeal or SOFORT, we recommend that you purchase Bitvavo. The lower the price is (ETH vs. €), the more ETH you will get for your money.

    Important to pay attention when selling NFT

    It is essential to pay attention to a number of things. Selling NFTs remains a matter of supply and demand and it is therefore up to you to determine the right price, as well as the moment you offer them for sale.

    When you have an NFT in your possession, you can immediately offer it for sale. It may be that the floorprice (the minimum price paid for NFTs from ‘your collection’) is higher or lower at a later time. If you expect the value of a collection (and therefore the NFTs within that collection) to increase, it can therefore be useful to wait until you offer your NFT for sale. However, it is also possible that the floorprice of a collection will drop considerably because the supply decreases and in that case, you should sell the NFT as soon as possible, so as not to make an (extra) loss. If the NFT can possibly increase in value at a (much) later time, you can also choose to keep the NFT in your wallet. However, it remains a bit of a gamble every now and then.

    Tips when selling an NFT

    One of the most important things about NFTs and NFT collections is marketing. It remains a matter of supply and demand, so the more people are interested in a particular collection, the more expensive the NFTs will become. So it can be smart to promote the NFT collection to your own friends and family anyway. Perhaps the ball will roll, acquaintances of yours will also promote the NFT collection and this may bring the hoped-for publicity. To a certain extent of time, a hype can really arise that causes the price to shoot through the roof.

    The above scenario is of course something that rarely happens. We all know the stories of the most expensive NFTs of 2021, but the chance that you will get in there is not that big. However, this does not mean that you cannot earn money when selling NFTs and we wish you every success in that.


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    Coins and Banknotes: What You Should Know

  • Sometimes we condescendingly call our money “pieces of iron” and “pieces of paper”, but they are not as simple as they seem. We’ll explain what money is composed of and how to care for it so it lasts for years, as well as what to do if it wears out, how to spot fakes, and where to flee if you come across questionable money.


    What kind of money is currently circulating in Russia?

    Over the past 500 years, Russia has experienced more than 10 monetary reforms. As a result, the silver kopeck was the biggest monetary unit towards the end of the 17th century. The biggest denomination in Soviet residents’ wallets following the monetary reform of 1961 was a hundred-ruble banknote, while the most substantial coin was 1 ruble. Today there are more denominations of coins and banknotes, and almost all of them exist in several versions – depending on the year of issue. They are all equally solvent. Now we have bills issued mainly in 2004 and 2010. The rest are gradually decaying and being withdrawn from circulation.

    What is money made of?

    The main requirement for the material of banknotes is strength. Plain paper, which is made from wood, is not suitable for them. Mainly cotton fibers are used for the production of banknotes. By its composition, it is almost pure (96–98%) cellulose, which is distinguished by its whiteness, elasticity, and high strength.

    Why do coins of the same denomination look different?

    In addition to the usual coins that rattle in our wallets and pockets, there are also commemorative and investment coins. Commemorative coins are usually issued by the Bank of Russia for some important events (the Olympics in Sochi, the World Cup) or historical dates. On coins of different series, you can find Russian architectural monuments, portraits of artists, writers, and musicians, even animals listed in the Red Book.

    Investment coins

    are made from gold and silver of the highest standard. Previously, they were also produced from platinum and palladium. As the name suggests, this is a method for conserving and growing wealth – in this case, precious metal assets “packed” in tiny form. The value of such coins is hundreds of times more than their face value, and it fluctuates daily. Commercial banks can purchase precious coinage.

    Commemorative and investment coins

    Are not only expensive but also look beautiful – with matte relief on a mirror field, selective gilding, colored enamel, laser engraving and inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. Not sure what to give to people who already have everything? That kind of money will be a good present.

    What to do if a fake is caught?

    Do not accept such a bill if you have even the smallest doubt. If it has already made its way into your wallet, call any commercial bank; they will provide free advice. Perhaps the banknote will be a little scruffy, but it will be real. You will replace it with a new one in this scenario. If the bank’s specialists think that this is a forgery, they will send it to the Bank of Russia for investigation. The counterfeit bill will be handed over to law enforcement agencies, and if it is found to be genuine, its value will be transferred to your account. By the way, you can visit for more information about the laws.

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    Is It Worth Investing In Cryptocurrency?

  • In recent months and years, there have been critics questioning whether it is still worth investing in digital currencies.

    The interest rate crisis has dealt a heavy blow to many investors, who have had to suffer huge losses due to the economic downturn. If you are looking for profitable investments during a crisis, you will usually encounter Bitcoin and corporate investments. But many investors doubt whether investing is still profitable these days. Anyone who thinks they are missing out on the right time and is worried about losing a lot of money due to investing in digital currencies should first fully understand the current development of cryptocurrency.

    Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?

    The worry that the initial budget is not enough for investment can usually be quickly eliminated. Therefore, the disappointment that the train was delayed is completely unfounded when Bitcoin is still able to obtain high returns. Because even today, the cryptocurrency market continues to provide investors with promising potential returns. Likewise, continuing to invest in the cryptocurrency foreign exchange market may be profitable. However, especially beginners should have enough knowledge and do not invest without plans and strategies.

    Collect enough information before investing

    Whether it is in the stock market, foreign exchange market, or cryptocurrency, the risk is high for those who have not obtained enough information before investing. Therefore, investors should fully understand the Bitcoin market in advance in order to invest their funds safely and profitably. Join forums and other transparent communications on cryptocurrencies. With this approach, investors will gain greater transparency when entering the digital market. Because in order to find the right time to buy and sell bitcoin stocks, it is important to understand price trends.

    Price fluctuations lead to winners and losers in the digital market

    The price of Bitcoin is very dynamic with daily fluctuations of up to 20%. Therefore, investing in Bitcoin is still a highly speculative business. Beginners should start small to familiarize themselves with the digital market. Unlike the stock market, it is difficult to predict fluctuations. Because Bitcoin and companies are a decentralized economic system, their operations have nothing to do with actual economic development.

    Bitcoin transactions can be very complicated

    Bitcoin cannot be put in a savings bag or transferred to a checking account at all. Therefore, the digital market has all its own financial rules. Because the storage of encrypted currency requires the so-called E-wallet, which acts as a kind of digital wallet. Therefore, all transactions are made from your own wallet, so the owner can only prove here how much Bitcoin share they actually own. The digital wallet is also encrypted to prevent fraudulent theft of your wallet. Also, worth mentioning is the Bitcoin Mixer Service which makes the entire process more complex as it already is.

    Take the advice of a professional, read more about practical tips to help you invest in the digital market. In this regard, it is still possible to start trading Bitcoin however necessary caution should be taken in order to generate returns.

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    Les Mer Her Om Usikrede Lån – Types Of Unsecured Loans

  • Small unsecured loans could help borrowers augment their finances and spend it for just about anything they please. Whether it’s making a large purchase, funding a vacation or holiday trip, paying unexpected expenses, or perhaps for vehicle or home repairs, taking out a small loan is a convenient, easy and quick way to obtain the funding you require. Les mer her to find out more about small loans.

    Small loans are unsecured loans, a kind of credit product that don’t need any form of collateral. However, unlike secured loans, the interest rate of unsecured loans is much higher as the risks are greater in the part of the lender. In the event that you default or fail to repay your loan, the financial or lending institution has nothing to claim or repossess from you, the borrower, to repatriate some of the money it lost.

    This, however, doesn’t mean you are off the hook. In terms of unsecured loans, if you fail or default, your credit score as well as your reputation are harmed making it more difficult for you to get approved for another unsecured loan. Hence, regardless in the loan is secured or unsecured, it is imperative to manage and be responsible in making repayments to avoid seizure of your collateral and damage to your reputation and credit score.

    Types of Unsecured Loans

    There is a wide selection of unsecured loans which you could apply for wherein lenders need only a few requirements from you. Les mer her. To know which will meet your needs, let’s have a look at the common types of unsecured loans:

    Unsecured Personal Loans

    A personal loan is a lump sum of money borrowed from a bank or a financial institution that you have to repay in set monthly installments with interest. Unsecured personal loans could be utilized for various reasons, like what was mentioned earlier.

    Revolving Unsecured Loans

    There is a credit limit for revolving loans. A bank or financial institution will grant the borrower a certain amount that could be spent, paid back and utilized again. Personal lines of credit as well as credit cards popular examples of a revolving loan. However, a downside to these kinds of loans is the varying interest rates, meaning it can change over time.

    Student Loans

    Student loans are regarded as unsecured and are available through private lenders or the federal government. As the term implies, these unsecured loans are used to finance educational expenses.

    Bottom Line

    While these unsecured loans are merely guaranteed by your assurance and pledge to pay, the financial or lending institution still has a recourse or remedy if payments are failed to be made by you. They could send to a collection agency your account, take legal actions to garnish your salaries, as well as give a report to credit bureaus your late or missed payments. Such actions will definitely drop credit scores. Therefore, be responsible in repaying what you borrowed.

    Differences of Each Money Type

  • Primarily, money is the number one medium for all trade system of goods and services. Even in the virtual world, things that can be classified as money in case it is able to perform the major roles of money like medium of trade, stocks value, and the account unit. Knowing this, it is very evident that there are different money types available in history and earn an old coins and banknotes

    Four Major Types of Money

    Here is a summary of the differences of each money type:

    Money Type #1: Commodity Money

    This type of money is the simplest and generally the oldest one. From the scarce resources, commodity money represents as a medium of exchange, stocks value, and an account unit. The barter system is where commodity money originates. Moreover, the barter system and commodity money operates in the same way in which either the goods or services can be exchanged for other goods and services as well. However, what’s note-taking with this type of money is that the intrinsic value of the commodity is its real value.

    Gold coins, shells, beads, and spices are some of the examples of commodity money.

    Money Type #2: Fiat Money

    Unlike commodity money, fiat money’s value comes from the order of the government. It simply means that fiat money is defined as a legal note by the government which should be accepted by the people and the establishments of the country as a mode of payment. Failure to comply with this may be subjected to fine or imprisonment. Furthermore, the intrinsic value of the fiat money is relatively lower than to its face value. Also, the fiat money’s value comes from the connection of the supply and demand. This money type is generally utilized by most of the modern day economies. Coins and bills are the most common examples of fiat money.

    Money Type #3: Fiduciary Money

    Fiduciary money is not allowable as a means of payment by the government unlike the fiat money. Person who issues fiduciary money commits to exchange it for either fiat money or commodity money in case the recipient may request for it. Fiduciary money may include banknotes, cheques, or drafts

    Money Type #4: Commercial Bank Money

    The type of money that can be used as claims against financial establishments giving assistance, like that of the one handled by the bankruptcy attorney San Diego, is called as the commercial bank money. This money type can be utilized in exchange for purchasing the goods and services. Commercial bank of money is generally produced using the fractional reserve banking which is typically debt generated. 

    Optimizing the Benefits of HUD Grants to Cover Repairs of Rental Housing Units

  • If you are a rental property owner but have trouble raising money needed to repair or improve the conditions of your rental units, it will interest you to know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been offering grants for that purpose.



    The HUD financial grants though depend on the location and type of property applied for, as well as comes with certain conditions. Nonetheless, the federal assistance could be the answer to your prayers. If you will optimize the benefits of such grants you can make additional revenue that will allow you to revitalize your other rental housing units; making them more attractive to tenants.

    The Multi-Family Housing Revitalization Grants

    The main objective for this type of grant is to provide affordable housing to low-income families. Approved grants under this program are to be used in improving and/or repairing housing units for rent in rural areas.

    However, the federal government requires rental property owners to enter into a “20-year Restrictive Use Covenant,” which makes it mandatory for them to lease the repaired or revitalized housing facility to low-income residents only. This denotes that the covenant includes a condition that the rental fees must not exceed the amount determined by the HUD as reasonable for low income earners in the related region.

    Main Street Housing Grants

    Owners of properties located in the historical downtown districts, known as “Main Street” of a community, can apply for a grant for the purpose of renovating a rundown commercial building. However, aside from agreeing to the condition that the traditional historical characteristics of the edifice are preserved, the renovation must be for the purpose of converting them into affordable housing units.

    Not all communities with historical downtown areas though, are qualified to offer the “Main Street ” grant. Only townships with 50,000 residents and with less than 100 public housing are eligible to offer this HUD grant.

    Housing Preservation Grants

    This HUD financial assistance is available to owners of housing units leased to low income families; but only if the property/ies are located in communities where there are less than 20,000 residents. Nonetheless, Housing Preservation Grants also allow landlords to use the funds in making repairs for their own homes. The HUD requires grant recipients to use the funds for repairs and revitalization of the low-income housing units within 24 months, counting from the date of approval.

    Hiring Property Managers to Optimize the Benefits of the Housing Grants

    Landlords should optimize the benefit of receiving financial assistance that addresses the need to revitalize rental housing units that have not attracted tenants due to their rundown state. Even if the HUD requires landlords to lease the improved units to low income families, the department does not forbid them from screening applicants before accepting them as tenants.

    However, there are federal government laws that stipulate the legal reasons for rejecting an applicant. That is why landlords who are not familiar with such laws find it necessary to engage the services of property managers. That way, they are assured that they will only be taking in quality tenants, whilst rejecting only those that fall under the categories deemed as legal reasons for rejection.

    In Atlanta, the services for property management peachtree city ga professionals offer, include assistance in legal documentation, tenant screening, background checking, rental collection, addressing repair and maintenance issues, as well as handling tenant complaints, and when necessary, pursuing evictions.

    Earn on Old Coins and Banknotes

  • Since the introduction of the euro in 2002, you may wonder how much you have left in old guilders, francs and German marks. You may find old money in the attic that you have saved after a vacation. You may also own old coins or old notes as part of a collection. If you have in safekeeping old notes and coins, you may not need to take out a loan after all as you can actually earn from these very old notes and coins.


    The value of old money depends on 4 factors. Read about it further below.

    1. Money that Was Recently in Circulation

    Do you still have Dutch banknotes from the time of the guilder? The value of old money from the time before the introduction of the euro is still the same. The best way to exchange that old money is at the Nederlandsche Bank. These old banknotes are exchanged for a value of 0.45378 euros per guilder. For an old 100-guilder note, you can expect around 45 euros. Unlike a money exchange office, De Nederlandsche Bank does not charge costs for exchanging old money.

    Old banknotes from other euro countries can be exchanged at the central banks of those countries. Keep that in mind when you go on vacation to France, Belgium or Germany for example. Unfortunately, coins are no longer exchangeable in most euro countries.

    At the moment there is still a lot of old currency dust to collect in attics and cupboards. There are millions of banknotes and coins that have never been returned.

    2. The ‘Age’ of the Old Mint or the Ticket

    Old coins and banknotes from 100 years ago are of course worth much more than the guilders or francs in circulation just before the euro was introduced. A medieval or Roman coin is so rare that it has historical value for collectors.

    Does the old coin have a date? Then you know about how old he is. But until a few hundred years ago, coins usually had no date. Then you need an expert who can tell you where and when the coin was minted.

    3. The Condition of the Old Money

    Is the coin damaged or relatively intact? The older the coin, the greater the chance that it has been damaged by use or oxidation. If you find an old coin from hundreds of years ago that is still in good condition, then this coin has much more value.

    4. The Rarity of the Currency or the Note

    value of old money – selling the value of old money also depends on the number that still exists. Some coins or bills are old and in good condition, but not rare. It is possible that other collectors have the same type of coin or banknote. This can happen, for example, with coins and banknotes, many of which were made in the past when they were in circulation.

    If you want to know the value of old money, you can ask a coin dealer, jeweler, or a gold dealer. If they are interested you can also immediately sell the old coins or notes. But it can also be wise to keep the old money. The value of old money is steadily increasing every year. Old coins or banknotes are a good long-term investment: you can easily keep them, they are portable, and you can sell them at any time. That makes old money a stable and liquid investment.