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Coins World

The methods that are used in making “coins” have grown throughout the years. The ancient kingdom of Lydia was the first to be accounted to make coins around 2000 years ago. The process for minting their coins was fairly straightforward.

Start of Centralized System

A small lump of copper, silver or gold was put on coin die that’s embedded into any solid and sturdy surface like rock. The worker then takes the second die and put it on top and strike it with a hammer.

Medieval mints are being used in the metal’s preformed round discs and screw press in order to manufacture the coins. Despite the fact that this was done manually, it’s easier, efficient and brings consistency in comparison to the ancient minting process.

The Age of New Coin Processing

Then there comes the modern coins. Coins of today are being minted using hydraulic coin presses that are feeding the blanks into the machine automatically. As soon as the machine is at its full capacity, it can produce a little over 600 coins a minute. This speed is essential for operations that are as big as the US Mint.

Despite the fact that the process is quite complex, there are common steps that mints worldwide is using.