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Banknotes World

Countries don’t stop in borders and land area. These are basically places that are uniting people together. One way or the other, citizens of a particular country is identified with its state. This self-determination can’t coexist without symbols. They’re taking various forms in different states however, there are some that’s common to any country and these would be the:

  • Anthems
  • Flags and;
  • Currencies

It seems to be that everything looks so simple with an anthem and flag; we could wave a flag and easily plant it on a territory conquered or perhaps, hoist it on the roof of a government building. National anthem on the other hand may be sung as a sign of victory and even on solemn meetings.

How is it Different?

But have you ever thought about currencies? For many, this may just be a mode of payment to which it’s being passed from hand to hand.

Oftentimes, a country’s banknote may be found in another like, you could actually use dollar to pay in some regions of turkey. With this in mind, could we consider national currency as symbol of state?

More than a Mode of Payment

Yes of course. Any banknote has the pictures of people, items or events to which the country deems important. It turns out to be that banknotes have special participation in a country’s national identity. Being a symbol of state, it should be based on the unique features of the country.