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Commemorative Silver Coins

You may be wondering why there are commemorative coins being issued? Well simply speaking, it is to commemorate particular issues or events with distinctive design in reference to the said occasion which they’re issued.

Majority of the coins under this category act as collector’s item only. Although there are countries that are releasing commemorative coins that’ll be used for regular circulation.

What does a Coin Stand?

Historically speaking, coins that are issued by any state reflects current economic or political situation. Majority of the ancient as well as pre-modern coins have commemorative events in modern times. Just a quick example, Roman coins have references to the military campaigns and also, defeat of foreign powers.

Different Purpose of Coins

These coins are symbolically representing subordination of conquered territories to the Roman authority. At the same time, it is a beautiful example of the ancient political propaganda.

As time goes by, coins have been issued more often on special occasions without explicitly citing the occasion. There are times as well that emergency money is being issued like when a city is under siege or any unfavorable condition. Additionally, coins can be issued and released for very specific purpose like financing military campaign or as for paying tribute to fallen soldiers.