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Norwegian Bicentenary Krones

Asking the question whether the money is important or not, many would agree that it is. No matter what you feel about money, those who have money or are in the pursuit of growing their money can at least agree that it is extremely important.

It is not what You Want. It is what You Got

Wealth isn’t what you have as your possession or assets. Wealth is rather having few wants. This is due to the reason that it is in our nature to keep more of things. The more that you have, the more you want more stuff.

If you’ll look at it closely, this is a simple psychological process.

You’ve given the basics from foods, clothing and shelter and are quite happy with it. However, you are worrying about emergency situations so you work hard and become wealthy and enjoy all the luxuries in life. Few months later, this “new life” you have becomes your new normal life. Now, you’re surrounded by rich and affluent individuals and make you feel unsatisfied. This is when you start seeking for more. Then it is a cycle.

Making the most of what you have

So by being satisfied with “few”, that is what would make you rich.