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Judi Online – Money Management

  • Judi online has been the go-to of many people looking for some kind of entertainment while at the same time potentially win some banknotes and coins. If you are in search of other games to play aside from the usual casino games, Judi online is an excellent place to play various card and domino games which are quite popular in Indonesia. Moreover, the site provides its players a gambling environment that is safe with a professional service to ensure its members continue to have a great and trouble-free time in the site.

    Online gambling sites across the globe allow players to play with real money. Hence, players also have the opportunity to win and earn real money as well. This is one of the major reasons why online gambling sites, like judi online, appeals to many bettors. While it is very appealing to play for real money, it is imperative for every player to gamble responsibly as well as employ a money management structure when playing at any online gambling site.

    Money Management Strategies

    Money management strategies, which of course includes your bankroll, is very crucial when playing at an online gambling site or online casino. There are many money management strategies so as to effectively manage not only your bankroll, but your finances in general. To make the most of your bankroll and finances, below are some things to remember in terms of budgeting.

    Setting and Managing Your Budget

    Before engaging in gambling, whether online or offline, the very first thing you have to do is to set a budget. The same is true with any finance or funds you have. As this is a good financial wisdom, setting a budget also offers a foundation of your specific goals. Without any goals to pursue, you wouldn’t have an idea how far along are you with your goal.

    Setting a budget would mean setting a budget not only for your gambling activities, but for every aspect that needs finance such as utility bills, education, food, and other household expenses. Budgeting could be done on a monthly basis, weekly or even bi-weekly depending on what works for you as well as your budget. Make certain you set a budget for the most important items first before setting an amount for your bankroll.

    To track or monitor your funds, use a spreadsheet or some kind of a ledger to keep up with each deposit and withdrawal you make in the online casino gambling sites you have registered on. In doing so, you will be able to know if your budget goals are met or if you are going beyond the amount you have budgeted for playing at an online casino.

    Make the Most of Your Deposits

    When and if you choose to place a deposit, make certain that you maximize your money by making the most bonuses as well as promotional offers such as welcome packages, initial deposit bonus, and other great deals that allow you to play the games you enjoy.  Do bear in mind that not all bonuses benefit every player. Hence, always look into the terms and conditions that surrounds each bonus and offers. Include in your spreadsheet the bonuses and promotional offers you accepted so you won’t forget about it.

    Earn on Old Coins and Banknotes

  • Since the introduction of the euro in 2002, you may wonder how much you have left in old guilders, francs and German marks. You may find old money in the attic that you have saved after a vacation. You may also own old coins or old notes as part of a collection. If you have in safekeeping old notes and coins, you may not need to take out a loan after all as you can actually earn from these very old notes and coins.


    The value of old money depends on 4 factors. Read about it further below.

    1. Money that Was Recently in Circulation

    Do you still have Dutch banknotes from the time of the guilder? The value of old money from the time before the introduction of the euro is still the same. The best way to exchange that old money is at the Nederlandsche Bank. These old banknotes are exchanged for a value of 0.45378 euros per guilder. For an old 100-guilder note, you can expect around 45 euros. Unlike a money exchange office, De Nederlandsche Bank does not charge costs for exchanging old money.

    Old banknotes from other euro countries can be exchanged at the central banks of those countries. Keep that in mind when you go on vacation to France, Belgium or Germany for example. Unfortunately, coins are no longer exchangeable in most euro countries.

    At the moment there is still a lot of old currency dust to collect in attics and cupboards. There are millions of banknotes and coins that have never been returned.

    2. The ‘Age’ of the Old Mint or the Ticket

    Old coins and banknotes from 100 years ago are of course worth much more than the guilders or francs in circulation just before the euro was introduced. A medieval or Roman coin is so rare that it has historical value for collectors.

    Does the old coin have a date? Then you know about how old he is. But until a few hundred years ago, coins usually had no date. Then you need an expert who can tell you where and when the coin was minted.

    3. The Condition of the Old Money

    Is the coin damaged or relatively intact? The older the coin, the greater the chance that it has been damaged by use or oxidation. If you find an old coin from hundreds of years ago that is still in good condition, then this coin has much more value.

    4. The Rarity of the Currency or the Note

    value of old money – selling the value of old money also depends on the number that still exists. Some coins or bills are old and in good condition, but not rare. It is possible that other collectors have the same type of coin or banknote. This can happen, for example, with coins and banknotes, many of which were made in the past when they were in circulation.

    If you want to know the value of old money, you can ask a coin dealer, jeweler, or a gold dealer. If they are interested you can also immediately sell the old coins or notes. But it can also be wise to keep the old money. The value of old money is steadily increasing every year. Old coins or banknotes are a good long-term investment: you can easily keep them, they are portable, and you can sell them at any time. That makes old money a stable and liquid investment.