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    Coins and Banknotes will bring to you the history of coinage, earliest monetary system and the importance of knowing these.

Created by potrace 1.14, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Earliest Banking System

Banking have a very long past - way back 13th century - when traders in Europe started to trade goods in exchange of copper, silver and gold coins.

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Swedish Coinage

Explore the long history of Swedish Coinage and the People engraved in the coin.

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Roman Coinage

By the time of PAX ROMANA, Roman coins have reached even to the Far East.

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Norwegian Coinage

Nordic Coins have much to share us about the Vikings.

The Money Gallery

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Is the UV Light effective in detecting fake bills?

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Rare Collector’s Item Banknotes

You might clean your house and search for these hidden treasures inside your home when you learn that there are rare banknotes released and these rare finds could cost you a fortune.

Authenticity Check for Banknotes

Nobody wants fake money that’s why all countries in the world has devised a way on how to detect fake banknotes.

History of Coinage

These small pieces of metal of all sorts of shapes carry much value that we use it to buy whatever we need. Even though we have these credit cards, mobile banking and wireless transfer systems, still, it is the coins that hold real value. Where and how did coin usage started? Let us find out.